Does the MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE apply for any mail? (including subscriber confirmations etc)

I’m using phpList to send emails through Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) via smtp.

At the moment I am dealing with a couple of mailing lists with between 500-1000 subscribers each and I only need to send emails to them once a month. SES has given me a much larger allowance and they charge pay-as-you-go and I’m a bit concerned about what could happen if there was some method whereby the subscription page is spammed and I get a bill for all of the confirmation emails that get sent out.

If I set MAILQUEUE_THROTTLE = 10, will this limit the whole system to 1 message every 10s or just the campaign sending?

Are there any other features to protect against this sort of thing or should I be dealing with it elsewhere / not worrying about it?

I probably wouldn’t worry too much about it.
You might want to put captcha on the subscription page (it’s a
plugin). That will stop the ‘bots’ from spamming your page.

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Thanks, that’s a good idea, I use it for a forum where there are always bots trying to advertise things, but I think the chance of our email subscription button being spammed is maybe too low for something this impacting on user experience (for now at least). As long as it’s unlikely to be a problem, I’d rather not make it more difficult for people to sign up to the newsletter. Better if I had a switch that shut things down for now, and then I could add captcha if it turned out to be a consistent issue later on.

I was really hoping AWS would have a custom limit function but I can’t find anything here. I guess they’d love me to accidentally send too many emails.