Does PHPList sequential responses e.g for online courses?

I do free online courses by email. We have thousands of students all over the world. I need to send out lessons in sequential order starting on the day they sign up for the email course.

I would like student to subscribe to a list which is a course say Theology 1
Bob then gets lessons 1-30 sent daily, weekly or whatever, in order, starting that day
A few days later Sue@ signs up and she starts on the day that she signs up.
A month later Albert signs up and also starts with lesson 1 etc.

Sometimes students accidentally unsubscribe themselves. Say Bob does this at lesson 15, I would like to get him back up and running with lesson 16.

Is this sequential email feature available in PHPList?

Thank you.
John Edmiston

@johnedmiston The Autoresponder plugin will probably do this. See the Manage Plugins page where there is a link to the page of available plugins.