Does phpList have feature for recycling messages for new people?

Hi there,

I am pretty new using phpList. However, recently I was thinking if phplist has this feature of resending emails to new people who hasn’t got the previous email?

A bit hard to explain and i am not good with words, thus i’ll give an example of what i had in mind:

  • Say for example I have 5 emails in the queue, one for each month, starting from January.
  • Person A signup from January, thus he got all 5 emails.
  • But Person B signup from March, thus he only got 3 emails.

So my question, is there a way of phplist to detect the person who didn’t get the previous emails, and resend only to them, and not the whole bunch that already got?

Thanks :smile:

@dorawan89 If you requeue a campaign then it will be sent to only those people to whom it has not already been sent.

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oh really?

Thank you so much for the answer. I will try requeue a campaign and see if it work.

Thanks again! :smile:

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