Direct unsub / subscribe URL for programmatic use from other systems?

I am using version 3.3.1, and have been using PHPList for a few years.
Is there a URL that can be programmatically called from another web system that will directly subscribe or unsubscribe an email address, given say a password? Without further human action.

For example: ?

@kaon No, the subscribe and unsubscribe pages do not support that. The usual way to do this is through an API, which is a bit more complex than simply accessing a URL.

The new phplist API has a subscribe function but not unsubscribe, but the old API, which is now unsupported, does

Hi Duncan,
Do you mean that this one: , will have both sub & unsub for my version, 3.3.1?

Looking more closely that API does not have an unsubscribe function. It has a delete subscriber function which isn’t the same thing. I’m not sure that either of the APIs are going to be useful without more development.