Different number of list members in "view a campaign"


not sure this is ia bug, but I’ve noticed that some incongruence in the “View a Campaign” page that you get by clicking the small magnifying glass in the “List of Campaigns” page.
I have just sent two messages to two different lists consisting of 23 and 17 addresses, respectively.
The statistics in the “List of Campaigns” page looks ok. Also, the phplist processing info I got by email looks right too.

However, when I view the campaigns, there is a big writing on the bottom of the page saying “This campaign has been sent to subscribers, who are member of the following lists:”.
The number of members below that is wrong. It is 21 instead of 23, and 22 instead of 17, respectively.

Also, when I processed the queue, the system said 40/23 messages were sent, as if only one of the lists contributed to the total.

I hope this is useful.

Thanks for everything.

hi, can you let me know your version number?

Hi Anna,

sure. Sorry, I forgot to specify that. I have 3.0.12

Those are the list ids, not the number of subscribers.

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Sure, your’re right. I guess I was alarmed by the system counting 40/23 messages sent, and then I got confused by that info about the list id (after a long day of work my English tends to fade away).

Apologies for bothering you with this silliness, and thanks a lot for your time.

PS Anyway, it looks like the total number of messages could be wrong when sending more than one message at once.
I had two messages in the queue for a 23+17=40 recipients. The system sent them all, but maintined it sent 40/23 instead of 40/40. I have no statistics on that, though. I think that yesterday was the first time I had 2 messages in the queue.