Different footer per list


I need to send mails having different footer based on what list they’re in (for EU privacy law reasons) – and as we strongly need to reduce complexity for the sending user it’s not really an option to send campains twice with different templates.

Let’s say there are two lists, “members” and “newsletter” (non-members but interested).

I thought about adding footer in template using “Conditional Placeholder” plugin(*), but don’t see how to write the IF-ELSE condition to see if the subscriber is in the list (“member”) or not.

Last resort, but for told reasons to avoid is to have a “member” attribute and to take care on list imports or updates (subscription is not open to the “member” list, it’s updated manually) that it is set correctly. Are there smart ways to keep attributes set equally per list, some maintenance tool or something?

By the way is there some useful doc for attribute type checkbox, what are the values? true|false? 1|0? checked|’’?


(*) https://resources.phplist.com/plugin/conditionalplaceholder

Okay, now I can answer some stuff by myself. Main problem is that the plugin in favor does support attribute but not system or config placeholder as condition, Also it’s developer has given up development. Would take a lot of time to get deep enough into phpList plugin development to apply some patching…

Also it seems [LISTS] works in system message mails, in newsletter content – but not in template. Not sure if bug or feature, at least it’s not documented. Or have I missed something?

Just a thought and I’m probably missing something here you’ve already covered, but why not have a list for Members, and a list for non-members so you could have different footers?

I don’t understand. You mean subscriber lists? I already have two lists – that’s the point: how to send one campaign to both lists where emails have different footers depending which list the subscriber is on. I can only configure one footer per phpList instance. So I took template as the place where to differ between one or the other footer content.

Or do you mean two phpList instances, where each can have different footers configured? That would add even more complexity, for me as admin and for sending a campaign to both lists. In no way this is the solution.

It is working at the moment by having a boolean attribute “member” defined, but that doubles one information, all subscribers on one list must all have the attribute correctly set (and not set on the other). (The other way round I now could use another plugin and put all onto one list with sending campaigns occasionally with segmented lists – does add some complexity elsewhere, may work but I don’t like. Also because I only talk of two lists here to keep it simple, it’s even more complex in real life.)

The in my eyes obvious way would be to have the [LISTS] information available in template and to have the plugin accepting these placeholders. Both is not the case so I guess there is no easy solution at the moment and I should go on.