DIfferent Confirmation / Thanks Pages


I would like the ability to send different custom subscribe pages to different custom confirmation pages.

I edited my subscribelib2.php page and now it goes to a nice custom page.
How do I do it so I have multiple custom Subscribe and multiple confirm and thanks pages.



My understanding is that you can make as many subscribe pages as you want from Config > subscribe pages


Thanks for the reply. I have made my own custom Subscribe page.

in phplist/index.php i changed:
header(‘Location: http://www.website.com/confirmation.html’);

and then in phplist/admin/subscribelib2.php I changed the following:

$thankyoupage = $subscribepagedata["thankyoupage"];


They create both very nice pages that I can customize to my every need.

What I want now is to have multiple Sub/Confirm and Thanks pages to fit different promotions that I run.

I guess if I could just put the pages back to default and use the normal sub pages and go from there, this just worked so well.

AM I able to somewhere send clients to different sub pages like
phplist/admin/subscribelib2-12.php etc…

Any idea?



not really :confused: From a general problem solving mindset, I would suggest making some test subscribe pages using the normal system and seeing if you can edit those on a file-by-file basis.

In general, this kind of method you have chosen is not good because you can’t easily update phpList, which you will need to do.

You would be much better using the API. There is currently a soap api, and there is a rest api coming soon.