Differences on email import between v 2.10.17 and current release

I am still using v. 2.10.17 but upgrading to newest version near future.
Is there any major differencies in email import functionality on version 3.2.4?
I use different Foreign Key (member id) than email address. Is that same in newer version?
Can i have multiple email address per user or just one?

@pcadmin The import function in phplist 3 does still support matching on foreign key.
You could try the demo system http://demo.phplist.org/lists/admin/ and try importing some made-up subscribers to ensure that it does work as you want.

I’m not sure what you mean by “multiple email addresses per user”. Each subscriber is identified by a unique email address. A different email address is a different subscriber.

Thank you.

I saw somewhere discussion about using multiple emails per user but i didn’t found that thread anymore.

It’s sometimes talked about but never possible. Sometimes organisation’s like schools want to link some mails together, like mum’s and dad’s email for one child kinda constitute one subscriber but it’s two emails.

Have you considered using phpList.com? If you are still on phpList v 2 maybe you have hard a hard time managing your install? Could be a good time to move over to a managed service that’s always updated for you. If you mail me on anna@phplist.com I can help you choose the best plan for you :smile: