Did campaign finish

Hi All,

So I sent my first campaign with phplist on godaddy shared hosting. Well after 30 minutes godaddy sent me a email stating I was over my 500 per hour quota for cpanel users. I researched and changed my config file to only send out 360 emails per hour. I did not stop the campaign because it said it was still running and said “Less than batch size were sent, so reloading imminently.” So I was thinking it was because of me changing. Well a few hours later I received email that campaign was complete.

So for the problem. I included myself in the list of recipients but never got the email, so did it finish? Is there anyway I can check to see if its still running? Godaddy support said they could not because it was not sent from webmail. I know with 30k emails being sent at 360 per hour will take a few days, if the on the fly change worked, but i want to be sure before I re-queue. Thanks!

How did you send this, via the web interface? It’s quite big for that, and if you run a campaign that long (days), then it’s better to setup a cron job to process the queue and the bounce handling.

To find out if it finished, you can look at the phplist ‘sent campaign’ page, and it will provide information on how many were sent, when it started, when it stopped, etc.

Most mail servers have a ‘holding tank’ for outgoing emails, called a ‘queue’. It could be that your messages are in the queue on go-daddy’s host, and it’s only letting 300 or so messages be transmitted per hour.

You are correct to slow down the sending so that the go-daddy mail queue never gets full… probably 250 an hour or so would be safe.

yes i sent from web interface. as i stated it said it was completed but i never got email. i dont know about cron job.

I would next check the setup by sending myself a test message, to see if that gets through. If if doesn’t we’ll need to figure out why. If it does, then you can assume your system is setup properly, and your campaign message is probably in the go-daddy queue, waiting be released, based on their max send rate.

Hi @trainingday - how are you getting on? If you are still struggling I think you should look at paid support https://www.phplist.org/paid-support/ or use www.phpList.com