Determine how much of MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE has been used during MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD

My Hosting provider limits me to 1,000 emails per day. Normally, this is more than sufficient for my organization’s needs. About 4 times per year, we may need to send up to 2,000 emails per day for a 2 or 3 day period (with a typical subscriber list of about 400 subscribers). I have config.php set so we don’t exceed this 1,000 per day limit. With some email campaigns, it is important that everyone on the list receive the emails at the same time. We don’t want half of the subscribers on the list to immediately receive the message and the rest to receive it the next day.

Other than sending a test campaign to one email address and then looking at the log, is there a way my admins can view a screen to see how many of the 1,000 emails (MAILQUEUE_BATCH_SIZE) have been used during the 24 hour period (MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD)?

No, there is not a way to determine how many emails have been sent in the last 24 hours. It’s not something that is displayed in the web interface.

This is not a phpList issue, rather a limitation of your host. Can only suggest you speak very nicely to your host and ask them if they would up your mail limits for the duration of your specific mailing. You never know, they might do so.
Or pay extra to get a higher send limit. :frowning:

I certainly understand it is a limitation on my hosting provider. I just wanted a method to display how many emails had been sent for the current day.

I think as a workaround you could add the same newsletter (new one) again and specify the time and the list of users which should receive it on the first day and the add a second one, who should receive it in the next day.