Delayed warnings marked as bounces, is that ok?

I have seen that delayed warnings are marked as bounces too… is that ok?

Because those emails will be marked as blacklisted then, but they really are receiving the emails ok (delayed)

For example, sometimes gmail do this on busy servers… when gmail says that, the email is delayed but the receiver will, at some point, receive those messages… or not?

@luuuciano You might want to create a bounce rule with an action to delete the bounce. On the expectation that the email will either be delivered successfully or a real bounce will be returned.

phplist does try to recognise some specific delays when processing bounces. Possibly that should be enhanced to include those that you noticed.

//# @TODO add call to plugins to determine what to do.
// for now, quick hack to zap MsExchange Delayed messages
if (preg_match('/Action: delayed\s+Status: 4\.4\.7/im', $body)) {
    //# just say we did something, when actually we didn't
    return true;