Dedicated IP pooling support for phplist AWS

Does phplist has any support for AWS dedicated IP pooling? Because I was just wondering If I could choose a particular pool for my mass emails and another IP pool for selected clients only, in that case if ever I get any complaints from my mass email clients and my IP get blacklisted, at least delivery to my selected clients would be still okay.

It sounds like you’re describing using phpList as a single installation with multiple IPs/IP pools. I don’t know about that use case – for phpList hosted we use many IP pools but a separate installation for each. It is probably easier for you to take the same approach.

Theoretically you could specify different phpList config files with different SMTP settings via apache variables and use the same installation from different web addresses (thereby using different IP pools depending on the access address used).

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I was thinking about that too!!! I guess I’ll have to do that as well, Thanks!

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