Dead loop to login with 3.2.0

Yes, the symptoms are that you are constantly being asked to log in.

Thanks Dan. So with an update in the wings, I may only need to delay a product announcement a tiny bit.

Now, having once been a system programmer, I’ll ask you the question I hated people asking me … when will the update be available?

I think the scheduled date is Oct 5, but I’m just an observer. I’d probably give another week…

We are wrapping it up at the moment, a few last min urgent issues as usual, but it should be out today or tomorrow at the latest :smile:

Hey, 3.2.1 with the fix for this dead loop is now online and ready to download. You all get thanked in the release notes :wink:


where can it be downloaded? can’t see the link anywhere :smile:/

Found it, nevermind:

Installed and working.

Many thanks to the PHPList team for correctly identifying the bug and getting a fix out quickly.

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Just upgraded to 3.2.3 and found the same solution, can anyone help me how to resolve,

Really odd. 3.2.0 had the bug and 3.2.1 fixed it. Surprised you have similar problems in 3.2.3.


Yeah read the entire thread, but couldnot help I’m getting this error.

After, login a POP says "Initialling PHPlist in your Language " & Logs out in fraction of secs.

Pls anyone help with a solution.


Unable to find the solution but I just copy pasted the config.php from a new install & it worked.

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So must have been some error in config - a stray comma can do this even

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