DB getting bloated, I would like to PURGE

Well, the db is getting huge again.

I have flushed the “Log of Events” within the web panel, but I have my eye on some other huge table in the DB.

Wondering what will be safe to truncate!

I have my eyes on…


( these are the three largest).

Any ill effects in the rest of the system if I truncate them??

PS: I don’t mind if the bounce counting is essentially ‘reset to start counting again’ if I clear the bounce table… It would be a small tradeoff, to free half a gigabyte :slight_smile:

@mikerotec to avoid referential integrity errors you shouldn’t delete rows from just one table. Instead, for example, if a bounce is deleted then rows in related tables should also be removed.
You might want to look at the Housekeeping plugin. It will remove rows based on age rather than table size but might help you. See https://resources.phplist.com/plugin/housekeeping