Custom attributes from another list

Hi i’m looking to build an email that uses multiple list with custom attributes.
Is PHPList capable of using attributes from another list to populate certain attributes.

For example my email would be as follows:

To: [From List A Email]
Replyto: [From List B Email]
Replytoname [From List Be Replytoname]

Dear [From List A Name]
This is message content

Thank you
From [From List B ReplyToName]

I’ve used this function in ExactTarget and was wondering if this type of sending is possible using PHPList.
If it is some information no how this is done would be great.


I’m not sure I understand what you are asking.

In phpList you would set reply to etc in the email settings (it’s generally the same as From:)

Then attributes like NAME would be in the subscriber profile for an individual, so I am Anna and if you send an email to me with [NAME] that would be replaced by ANNA.

the From attribute you mention is a little more confusing. Usually that would be from YOU, so you would type it, though there are some placeholders which can refer to you, that add your url for example.

Hi anna,
Right generally the email we use to send to the list is the reply to.
However in the case of my scenario:
We have List A (which is the Client List) and we have List B (which is the Clients Customer List).

What i need to do is send an email to the Customer List (List B) with Place Holders (or attributes) that are from List A the client list (i.e client details, website etc)

Does that make sense?


The “From” is set globally for a campaign in the campaign settings, as well as the “Reply to”.
I don’t think what you want to do is possible using the standard version of phpList.

I concur. But it looks to me like you could do much of this manually in a template, except for the from address, which you would need to add when making the campaign.