Current Version?

I download the “latest version” 3.2.6 from SourceForge - Followed all the directions to “upgrade manually” my installation - but when I get to the last step and log back in, it is showing that the old version is still installed and tells me to upgrade.

IN the set of files that get unzipped, there is a file called VERSION - when I open that, I get the following:

# file that keeps track of the latest tag in cvs and the corresponding version
# this automates publishing a new version, when it's tagged
# if you don't understand this, don't worry. You don't need this file

Sounds like you’ve not uploaded the files to the correct location?

Hmm, I was a afraid of that. Guess I will try a complete re-install.


@jebswebs Actually the VERSION file that you showed is incorrect for release 3.2.6 (it does still refer to 3.2.5). But the file is not used within phplist, so your problem with the wrong version is probably due to not copying the files to your web server correctly.

Thank you to @Dragonrider and @duncanc for your assistance. I was using FileZilla and inadvertently copied the admin file in total into the admin folder on the server. All fixed and all happy now. Thanks again!