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Curious question -- generate "content/page" based on top level menu selection



Playing around with phplist v3. When the app is setup/run… a left side menu is displayed, along with a right side “default” content/page.

When a user selects one of the top level menu items… the right side page/content doesn’t change… If a sub menu item is selected for one of the menu items the right side page/content is updated as required.

I’m wondering… is there a known method/process to have the right side content/page updated when I select a left side menu item.

IE – If I select “Campaign”/Statistics… the right side content/page doesn’t change. I’d like to be able to have the content changed if possible…

Any pointers/thoughts…


I’m thinking that I’ll have to mod the “url” that’s generated for the left menu items, and to then trigger off of the change to generate the content… in either the pageShow/fetchContent… or the “include” part of the index.php logic…

thanks for looking/commenting on this…


Are you suggesting that when you click the parent navigation menu item, eg Settings, then the default page for that section (perhaps the first sub menu item) would already start loading? Currently a page reload is required to change the content of the right pane / content area. Therefore you would always have to wait for a page reload in order to access one of the sub-menu items, like ‘Checklist’, which would slow down navigation considerably. Even if the right pane could reload without changing the left pane / nav menu, then it would still result in many unnecessary page reloads for simple navigation, it seems to me.

What would be the benefit of the changed navigation?

To achieve what you want most simply, yes you could add custom JS events to trigger changing the page, for each of the parent menu items of the navigation menu. Each event would need to hard code the URL of the page you want it to correspond to, it seems to me.