Curious phpList Pageroot Warning and 3 General Questions

Have just done my first install of phpList 3.6.6 on Debian 11.2, using PHP 8.1 and Caddy as my webserver.

When I go to my phpList site’s public homepage directly at I see four links for:

  • Subscribe to our Newsletters
  • Update your preferences
  • Unsubscribe from our Newsletters
  • Contact the Administrator

When I access my installation at I get the following:

When I enter my credentials I gain access to phpList’s admin panel and see a similar message there as well.

Am new to phpList and wondering if the above warning may be related to default directories and paths expected other than pointing my webserver to the /lists directory. I didn’t see anything obvious in the phplist config file.

Also have the following general questions:

Q1: Can phpList support multiple customized sign-up/subscription forms that can be embedded into other websites via links and styled for those sites as well?

Q2: Can the subscription data submitted from different website forms populate separate databases having their own email marketing campaigns?

Q3: Are there any details about the nature of the forthcoming phpList 4.0 re-write?

@tcb If you install phplist in a different location to the default (which is /lists) then you need to set $pageroot in the config.php file. In your case you appear to have installed it in the root directory of a subdomain, so the value is simply an empty string

$pageroot = '';

See config_extended.php for an explanation.

Thanks duncan!
Overwrote $pageroot in the config.php file and the annoying warning went away.