Cron: output processqueue

@vpphplist You have not said which release of phplist you are using. if it is not 3.2.5 then you should upgrade.
Othereise see the online manual for other ways to process the queu

@duncanc The PHPList version is 3.2.4. Will upgrade to 3.2.5 resolve the issue? I thought it is just a minor upgrade.

Meanwhile I replace the php with php-cli. There is no warning message any more but queue is still not getting processed.

I will check the link you provided. However looking at number of emails I want to send I think cron job is required.

@vpphplist You need to run “command line php” and your problem is knowing what that command actually is.
“php-cli” does not seem to be correct
"php" gives a warning about not being cli php

if your hosting company cannot help then you will need to use another approach, such as remote queue processing as explained in the linked manual.

Also this format of the command is no longer supported,

page=pageaction action=processqueue login=login password=password 

@duncanc, Sorry for late reply. I parked this for some time as got engaged in other urgent matter.

I have setup remote queue processing and it is working fine.

Thank a lot for your help.

@duncanc Remote queue processing was working fine so far but today I observe that my campaign which I stared yesterday is still in submit status only, it is not being processed. After some troubleshooting, I created another test campaign to check if there is any problem with that particular campaign but found test campaign also in submit status only. I checked the database specially phplist_sendprocess table but it is empty.

Could you please give me some idea why it is stopped all of a sudden or give me some troubleshooting points.

Regards, Vivek

@vpphplist You will have to raise the problem with, with whom you registered to use the remote processing service.

Thanks @duncanc for your quick reply. I have raised a problem on Hope, will get some resolution soon.

Go to setting, look for Secret for remote processing- you’ll need this for the cron job code- tried on directadmin & control panels, both works for me!