Cron not working

I have set up the cron based on the instructions in the manual.

/usr/bin/php /var/www/sites/jodywhitesides/lists/admin/index.php -c
/var/www/sites/jodywhitesides/lists/config/config.php $*

when putting in the command: phplist -pprocessqueue, the output I get is: phplist command not found.

how does one go about sussing out this issue?

Actually the proper error Iā€™m getting is:

/var/www/sites/jodywhitesides/lists/config/config.php: Permission denied

Nevermind, it turns out that my file has 3 lines when it should have 2. I fixed that and now the cron works. You can delete this thread please.

p.s. ā€“ it might be a good idea to denote that in the manual. The the /usr/ line is supposed to be one big long line, as it shows it being two lines in the manual.

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Thanks; the manual has been updated with a warning about line breaks in that command.