Credits missing

Hello, yesterday I started the day with 2.5 millions credits on my account, I started some campaigns for around 100k, in the evening when I ve checked I had 400k credits remaining. So I went back and I ve calculated all emails sent from the statistics tab, from the previous month until today, thats roughly 2.6 millions.
Last month I had 2.8 millions credits, this month 2 millions more, due to renewal. So I should have over 2 millions and not 400k. Can someone look into it? Date4u is the installation name
I ve wrote to support, of course, since yesterday, both from the platform and directly from my gmail, but I couldnt get an answer so far. Hope this will

Do I take it that this is an issue with your phpList hosted account? If so, then you need to contact phpList Hosted Support as they are the only ones with access to your hosted account.


I thought this was also an option for phpList Hosted Support. So the only way is through Contact option from my account?

I believe so, as far as I know, Hosted Support rarely check posts on here, but I stand to be corrected I’m sure.

The majority of us here are users and volunteers though @danwaterloo @duncanc are listed as consultants who can support users, for a fee, as was I prior to an illness.

@Andrei33 Yes the way to contact support for your hosted account is via your account pages. If for some reason you have trouble with that method, please message hosted at phplist dot com directly.