Create mail with image from server: browse leads to page saying "Not logged in"


First of all thanks for sharing the code for PHPList.

Currently I am trying to run the newest Version (3.6.1) and was able to send some HTML test Emails.
But now, I am not able to add images inside the mesage-editor from the server (upload images dir) any more. It leads to a new site with a “Not logged in” Message. Upload worked fine before.

Has anyone the same Problem or is this on my side? Any ideas what it could be?

Thank you for your time to take a look,


@Martins If you upgraded phplist using the automatic updater then you might need to replace the CKEditor plugin to have the latest version.

On the Manage Plugins page enter this in the Plugin package URL field

Hi duncanc,

Thank you for the fast reply. I made a manual upgrade.
After the upgrade it worked.

What I changed in between was:
define(‘UPLOADIMAGES_DIR’, ‘lists/uploadimages’); // other path out of lists dir, changed back.
define(‘EMBEDUPLOADIMAGES’,true); // complemented out again

But I changed it back and it does not work again.
Maybe i will have to make a new install?


@Martins It is not clear to me which setting causes the problem. Please can you clarify?

If you had manually upgraded to 3.6.1 then upgrading the plugin should not have changed anything.

Hi duncan,

I have set both settings back to its previous state, so none of the config.php settings seems to cause it.
Unfortunately, I was not able to roll back all changes I made … Somehow I am missing something.
When I find something I will come back.



I was not able to get ckeditor -> upload image to server / choose image from server to work properly.

strange is that in some rare moments I can choose an image to upload or add it to a campaign. But most of the time I get the message “not logged in” form

function phplistSession()
    // Use the same session initialisation as phplist in file init.php
    ini_set('', 'phpListSession');
    ini_set('session.cookie_samesite', 'Strict');
    ini_set('session.use_only_cookies', 1);
    ini_set('session.cookie_httponly', 1);


    if (empty($_SESSION['adminloggedin'])) {
        die('Not logged in');

I am often asked to “stay on the site or leave it” from the browser after I tried to add an image. Something related to $_SESSION[‘adminloggedin’] that logs me out when using ckedit??

BUT: This only seems to happen when using Safari. just tried Crome and it worked. (on Mac OSX)

So, if someone faces this, try to Change the Browser as a workaround.



@Martins Do you mean that when using Chrome the image upload and selection works consistently?

There is a general problem with the Compose page showing a pop-up about leaving the page, even when the data has not been changed.

Hi duncan,

Yes, so far :wink:

Has this issue been resolved. I just loaded PHPlist into my server and started going through the manual. I wanted to load an image and have had the same problem.

I note that this is post is a year old, but has had no “Solved” status applied.

If I dont get a response for this, Ill post a new topic with the same problem.