Copying phplist data from old installation DB to new installation DB

I have a 10 years old PHPLIST installation on my shared hosting, which recently became inaccessible to the admin page, maybe due to PHP upgrades on the server side. Instead od trying to find the problem, I thought it is really about time to upgrade PHPLIST, and I guess it would be the easiest to use the automatic PHPLIST installation provided by bluehost, install a fresh installation, and then somehow copy the user data into the new installation. Will it be possible to do that using mysql interface, since I cannot access the admin page?

I’d expect to run into problems, depending on what version you are upgrading from. If the ‘from’ version is too old, then you will need to upgrade to an intermediate version, and then upgrade from there to whatever bluehost provides.

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I shall try to get help from the hosting service support, in order to at least bring up the admin page again, so I can start a normal upgrade or at least export of user data.