Copy of all system sent messages

Due to the GDPR related changes we are hoping to have a proper archive for all system sent messages to a client, specially those related tu unsubscribe, etc. We believe that a dedicated email account for that is a great place to retain them, either as “sent” or via some automatic rule if we are addressed as a CC.

I’ve been checking the system log and don’t see to see them logged there either, so the questions are:

  • is system to client emails kept anywhere? At least a log of activity?
  • I assume system messages are using the same SMTP service as the newsletters themselves, any way to change that? Having a different account for system messages or force them via system mailer?
  • If none of those… can someone help pointing into what files to touch to add a CC destination to all system sent messages?

Many thanks.

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Sorry that you didn’t receive a reply until now.

As far as I know there is no plugin or config option which can achieve this. We do this at the hosted service, I belive via SMTP config.

That said, I assume it would be relatively straightforward to add this option, either in phpList 3 core or as a plugin. Also the functionality would probably be useful to others. For most users it would be easier to have the feature within phpList instead of having to change SMTP configuration.

Did you find a solution, and if so how did you achieve it?

You can already specify additional email addresses to receive “system” messages.


Thanks @duncanc - So “system messages” also means outgoing messages to subscribers? I was in the understanding that referred to system messages to administrators, not “every” system message.
Can you clarify?

@luison No I don’t think that address gets copies of campaigns.

See this thread for a potential workaround: phpList Archive

@luison Sorry but I don’t understand your question. I thought that you wanted copies of “system” messages, as opposed to campaigns.

I suggest that you experiment with these settings to see whether they do exactly what you want.

I though so… as explained I’m trying registering all system messages sent to subscribers. This could be used as an archive in case of claims from clients.

I could use the STMP “sent” directory but this would require in my case separate SMTP server for bulk sending and system messages.

I’ll look into previous links.