Copy a messageid and all related data from one db to a new db

Hello, I recently did a complete site rebuild, including phplist. When I began the work I created a new db and copied all data from the old into the new. The rebuild took a little longer than anticipated :wink: and during that time we sent out an email to our subscribers. We are now live with the new site and I need to bring the data for that message which exists on the old db, into the new db.
I have copied the row from phplist_message table into the new db, but obviously none of the associated user message/view info came along. There are ~2400 subscribers so copying the sql command and inserting it into the new db is not an option (10000 plus fields).
Is there a simple way to move all of the data from this one message to the new db?
Phpmyadmin is available in my cpanel.
Thank you very much,

@JG64 There’s no way to copy just one campaign. It would be simpler to copy the whole database again.

Look for tables whose name includes ‘message’, there will be rows for that one campaign.

Thank you for your reply.
Is there a way to merge the two versions of the db. I ask because I have made significant changes to the templates and subscribe pages and don’t want to have to redo any of that. The one campaign is not as big a deal.
I had tried to copy user_message_view to be able to see the data on who viewed it, but it exceeded 10000 fields and wouldn’t do it.

@JG64 It might be easier to reapply the template and subscribe page changes to the original phplist. That can be done manually rather than trying to copy database tables.

As always, thank you for your assistance!
I may just resign myself to the fact that the view and open data for that campaign are not available.