ContentAreas plugin - data-hideable settings for a given table or image

Hi Duncan,

I am having problems finding content that is data-hideable/data-repeatable/data-edit.
The only way I know is to search the html source.

Is there any way to allow the areas/settings to be shown/updatable from the template view
…for example by adding data-hideable=“scc”; to the style or as a class in the table properties?
You may be able to think of a better way!

Any thoughts or advice on this would be appreciated.


You need to edit the template as html rather than through ckeditor.

I thought you might say that. - are the table property options embedded within ckeditor?
Is this something that their developers could investigate?

The reason for asking is that there is an issue where the data-edit variables are replicated when you add new tr sections using the add new table row.
You may not be aware of this until you try creating a campaign.
The result is that the data from the first one is added to the second too.
Hence I needed to be able to locate the duplicated text in the html - and remove it - and that can be a bit of a pain using ckeditor.

The new tr sections should not really have any contentarea logic applied to them.
Please can you look into this for me
Thank you