Conflicting versions of Trevelin theme


After not being able to access PHPLists yesterday because of a 2 years out of date warning, I’ve just updated to 3.3.9, and most if not all of the subscribe management pages are flipped 180 degrees!

Looking for an urgent fix?!?

Kind regards.

So I went into Settings > Themes and changed the theme from Trevelin to Dressprow, and it seems fine in this theme. I’d prefer the Trevelin theme as it’s much more user friendly… any advice?

Thanks, Matt…

I tracked it down to a conflict with what looks like an early release of the Trevelin theme I must have installed in 2017, the folder was called admin > ui > phplist-ui-bootlist-master. Deleted the folder and all is well.

So I guess the theme flag in the config file has no purpose now? I’m not sure why this theme/folder was conflicting because it’s in it’s own folder, but yeah, it was.

All versions of the Trevelin theme have the same internal name, so phpList was probably using the first theme with that name it could find, and ignoring the other newer version. Thanks for testing out the earlier version back in 2017 :slight_smile:

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(Renamed thread for clarity and marked solved)