Configuration for list of 100k+ subscribers

I have to send newsletter/campaign to list of 100k+ subscribers. I have dedicated server for hosting and dedicated mail server. My mail server can send maximum 50k email daily. I am using phpList (3.2.5) default configuration settings to send campaign.

What are the best configuration settings to send campaign to 100k+ subscribers so campaign can be sent as quickly as possible? How much time it would take to process queue? Please share your suggestions/answers, it would help me to finalize settings. Thanks.

@phpcoder You can use batch processing with a regularly scheduled cron job to ensure that you do not exceed the daily limit.
For example these will restrict to 48,000 emails within a 24 hour period

  • batch size 2000 with a cron job run hourly
  • batch size 200 with a cron job run every 6 minutes

This approach spreads the sending evenly throughout the day. You could have a batch size of 50,000 and run the cron job just once a day. On the last day that would then complete earlier.