Config_extended.php not automatically updated

I just updated to 3.6.6 using the updater and noticed (again) the the above file does not get updates. To see new config settings I have to manually download phpList.

Have I missed something?

config_extended.php is a template for all of the settings. in general, it is NOT used when running phpList. phpList uses config.php… To update your phplist, make a copy of config.php file, save somewhere, install the new version, and restore your config.php file into the new version. Note that from time to time there are new settings in the system, so you would want to look it over, or read the release notes.

Thanks, but I think you missed my point: why the config-extended.php is not updated when using the automatic updater.
The things you listed are done by the automatic updater process.

I don’t know, I always manually update. Perhaps there were no changes?

My installation file was from 2019. There are quite a few new settings after that:). My previous phpList version was 3.6.3. So it was not from 2019.

You could always just download the latest version of the software to your computer, unzip it, and either look at the config.php with a file editor to see if anything new applies to you. If it does, you’ll need to put those lines in the config.php file on the server.

Yes, see the first post.