Completely lost - do I have to reinstall?

I’ve already posted here about a year ago. Then my problem was left unsolved. Now I wanted to try again. Several problems.

  1. Not sending password
  2. All top menus vanished.
  3. Session ends every minute or so and I’m sent back to the login page.

Is it the best to try to re-install from scratch?

What to do with the database and config file?

PHPList version as I remember is 3.3.1 - cannot check - no menus at the top

Make a backup of your database and config file.

As you’ve reported no menus, then suggest you re-upload the latest version and then restore the config file, which will allow you to use your current dtabase.

Already made a backup of the database, saved the config file, deleted the old folder
"lists", uploaded one from a new download (3.3.1), restored the config file

Same thing. Next thing to try is to deactivate all plugins, but I cannot even get to the plugins page, no menu!

I’ve used PHPList for years, not very often. With every update and new plugins it is
working worse and worse. Days upon days of time wasted.

I wonder, the last time I’ve logged in about a month ago the menu was still there.

In that case, try a fresh config file, add your correct settings and see if that helps. Sometimes it seems that the older config files have values missing for the newer versions of phpList.

If that doesn’t help, you may need to get someone to take a look to see if they can spot any issues.

You need to remove or move elsewhere the php files in the admin/plugins directory.