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Community Forum FAQs

Welcome to the phpList community forum! :phplist:

To be part of discussion create an account by clicking on the “back to” button. This will take you the WordPress instance. Edit your account preferences by following steps on this post.

If you have a question, before creating a new post, take a look whether someone else has expressed the same in the past. The community members might already have resolved your problem! You can use the search form on the top right of your screen to do this.

config.php VS config_extended.php
The possibility of having to edit one of these two files above is quite high. Check what is the difference between these files on this detailed topic.

How-to: Paste snippets of code
By default, Discourse the software used for this forum won’t interpret snippets of code as such. This might lead to errors when copying and using them. To avoid this, follow the steps on this topic.

Topics marked as "Solved"
When going through past topics you might notice some topics marked as ‘solved’. This means that the issue described on that topic has been resolved with the help of other community members. An example of a Solved topic is this one here.

Happy hacking!