Click Tracking & Automated response

I searched the forum for answers to a similar task I want to do, but came up empty-handed. I apologize for the lengthy post, but I wanted to make sure I was clear in my objectives.

I am gearing up to do an ad on Facebook where the following happens:

  1. Reader clicks on ad and goes to a landing page and signs up for my newsletter in exchange for a free book.
  2. They confirm their subscription as normal
  3. Upon confirmation they receive the welcome email (1st email) with a download link to the free book.

That piece I’ve got that figured out and know how to implement it. The next automated step I want to take is this:

After two weeks, I want to send a followup email to users based on when the reader clicked on the link in the welcome email.


  1. Reader A, after subscription confirmation, receives the list’s welcome email and clicks link to download the book on Monday.

  2. Reader B, after subscription confirmation on say Thursday, receives the list’s welcome email and clicks link to download the book.

  3. Reader A should receive 2nd/followup email Monday 2 weeks after their welcome email.

  4. Reader B should receive 2nd/followup email Thursday 2 weeks after their welcome email.

I can do all of this manually simply by looking at dates on the backend and sending the followup emails. However, if I go this route, it will be my luck that I’ll have hundreds of download, and wishing I’d at least explored an automated solution based on a user’s date of the download.

I know I can use Google tracking for download clicks to create an automated process, but I’m pretty sure that will require a script. Since I’ve moved my files from my domain server to, I’ve not even bothered to look for a potential script to use as I’m unable to modify any of my backend programming (unless I’m missing something).

Additionally, I prefer to be able to turn this automation off and on based on when I have an advertisement, and not with generic website signups. I was hoping someone might have some suggestions as to whether I’m able to modify my settings or elsewhere to automate this entire process without too many hoops to jump through.

If not, then I’ll just do it manually, but asking seemed the best option to explore first.

Thanks, Monica