Clean your base of inactive contact and soft bounce

Using phplist for while now I got questions about cleaning list.

As keep clean and reactive base allow to get best delivery rate I which to clean it.
But I don’t how if phplist already include function for this.

How do you clean your list of inactive contact?

  • I mean when a subscriber never open or react to any mail for 1~2 years?

How do you clean your list of soft bounce?
For example, when you get 10 “Mailbox full”

Do you re-try after while?
Do you definitfly suppress it, or just desactive it?

(of course I’m not talking about the hard bounce, which I already clean)

Does anyone know how to unsubscribe or export inactive contact?

Hi, I have done stuff like this before but I have always used spreadsheets. I export click and opens data and then use that to make new lists or exclude lists etc.

You can do something like

  1. Go though your campaign stats and export the clicks and opens data. Make that into your new clean list
  2. Send a mail using the invite plugin to everyone else, using the new list as a list exclude
  3. that will blacklist everyone who is not in the new list and only unblacklist them if they respond to the invite

this is a good method cause you may have subscribers who read your mails with images blocked.

Just check with @duncanc if the invite plugin works with list exclude (I know I asked him before but I always forget, I assume it does though)