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Clarification needed on config file explanation: messages vs. campaigns per queue


The latest config.php states:

max messages to process

if there are multiple messages in the queue, set a maximum to work on

define(‘MAX_PROCESS_MESSAGE’, 999);

Are messages “campaigns” or the literal meaning of “messages” as in “emails”?

This is confusing.

Please be more specific.


@pancakehollow yes it is confusing, but the documentation should help clarify. Is this enough:

Please update the explanation as you see fit.

All references to messages where campaigns are really meant should be replaced in the database schema and PHP scripts, but that’s a big job that has been repeatedly postponed.


Thank you for the link. That does clarify it - it means how many campaigns to process. It’s an easy fix just replace the config.php explanation to state campaigns, not messages.


@pancakehollow Agreed. Is that something you could submit via a pull request?


Well here is where I’m pretty dumb - I really don’t know how to use github or what a pull request means.