CKEditor not working in phpList 3.3.3

Hi everyone, I’m new to phpList and I’m still learning so apologies if this is a basic question.
I have inherited a php list and newsletter when my father passed away last June.
I have not been able to get the CKeditor to work when composing a message in a new campaign.
(I have no icons for formatting or inserting image etc)
I am using phpList 3.3.3 - upgraded from a previous version, and I am under the impression that the CKeditor plugin is already included in phpList version 3.3.3
I can see the FCKeditor directory on my website when I view the directories in filezilla.
Do I need to activate it somehow? Thanks

In your phpList admin pages, browse to the plugins page, then look for CKEditor plugin.
If you can find that and it looks something like this (versions may differ) then you have it installed…

You can only have one editor enabled at a time, so if you don’t have a green tick, you may have a different editor enabled.