CKeditor Configuration

I’m sure it’s something simple that I have overlooked, but I’m unable to get CKeditor to recognise a customisation .js file.
Path to CKeditor is: plugins/CKEditorPlugin/ckeditor Its working fine.
Path to CKeditor custom configuration file is: plugins/CKEditorPlugin/ckconfig.js This is also correct, but does not work.
I have updated CKeditor to the latest version, 4.4.7_full in the hope that this might help, but it does not.

Can anyone help please?

I am not sure whether a relative path from the phplist directory will work. You should use the path from the web root, something like


Otherwise use your browser’s tools to look at the http exchanges and also the javascript log in case there is a syntax error in your file.
In firefox it is Tools > web developer > web console

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Many thanks duncan. You were of course quite correct, path from the web root did the trick. Hopefully I’m away now, customise to hearts content!

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