Chronic Mystery Broken Images

I’m using the latest version, and have been using this app for perhaps 15 years. For the last few years there has been an issue where 1-2 images in my eNewsletters, which normally contain around 25 images total, are broken.

The frustrating part about this is that I do everything to prevent this–I look at it fully in the preview, I send myself a copy of every eNewsletter–no images are broken when I do this. Everything looks perfect. Then, I put the eNewsletter in the queue, and when it really sends out there is ALWAYS 1-2 images that are broken.

There is clearly something going on with the code that is causing this issue, as it doesn’t happen with any other app I use. I am using a standard, up to date, cPanel server, and this can’t be traced to any security settings.

Any ideas?

@keeenone You will need to explain what you mean by “broken” and provide some html from the email that is not what you are expecting.

404 not found - broken image.

So, the links all work fine in my tests, and when it actually sends there is always 1-2 broken links, as if the link itself gets altered by your software.

@keeenone Please provide an example of an image element <img> in the email that gives a 404, and what you think the src attribute should be.

I discovered that this issue lies with my article software, and if you edit an article it will create a brand new thumb nail image each time, and this is causing the broken image links. It is not due to phplist.