Changing message Title (not Subject line) Directly in phpMyAdmin

Wanting to change the ‘title’ (not subject) of a Campaign message that’s already been sent but if I hit “Edit Campaign” when viewing the message I get the warning “Editing an active or finished campaign will place it back in the draft queue, continue?” and I don’t want it to end up in the queue again - so was thinking I could edit the field directly in phpMyAdmin - with that in mind, I viewed the ‘php_message’ table and can see the ‘subject’ field in phpMyAdmin but when I changed that, it didn’t actually change the title when viewing the list of campaigns? Is anyone able to tell me which ‘field’ in which phpMyAdmin ‘table’ I need to edit, in order to change the campaign message title (not subject) when I look at the campaign in in phplist’s dashboard. See attached screenshot with arrow pointing to the field I’m referring to.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this.

@phillegg You want to change the messagedata table row with “name” column value of “campaigntitle”.

Thanks Duncan! Worked a treat!