Can't send / receive any HTML emails but can send / receive TEXT

Hi, I hope someone can help me.

I’ve been using phpList for a number of years but recently encountered a problem. When I send a campaign to a mailing list, anyone who is set to receive HTML emails does not receive any mail, but anyone who is set to receive text does get the mailout OK.

I can create a dummy subscriber list with 4 accounts all set to receive HTML. Send a campaign to this list and no one receives anything. Set one account to receive text, send an identical campaign and the one text account gets the email. I can send another test campaign but set the campaign to text only and everyone gets the email. The email contents do not feature any “rich” text i.e. no bold / links / pictures etc. it is just straight ascii characters.

So basically any time I have an email set to be sent in HTML (and the subscriber is set to receive HTML) nothing is coming through but text emails always come through. Also when I send a test message as part of the campaign creation where you normally get a HTML and text version sent to your test account I only ever get the text version.

I have upgraded phpList to version 3.20. I am running the latest CK Editor, but I have also tried turning this off and it makes no difference. phpList reports the mailout as completed successfully regardless of HTML or text.

Would greatly appreciate assistance. Thanks.

What is the value of setting in your config file?


Have you made any changes to the phplist code, and do you have any plugins installed?


There are no active plug-ins except for CK Editor (v2.0.0+20150815), however turning this off does not seem to effect the behaviour. There is also an old version of fckeditor installed (0.2) but this is switched off. The rest of the phpList code is 100% stock. The testmail setting from my config.php file is: define(‘SEND_ONE_TESTMAIL’,0);

Thanks for any assistance.

Today I did a totally clean install of phpList 3.2.3. Set it all up again from scratch including the config file. Imported the users via a CSV with only emails and attributes imported. The result was exactly the same. Can send and receive text fine but no HTML emails ever get delivered.

Is there any more trouble shooting I can do??? Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

Hi I know this sounds silly but can you just check that you subscribers are set to receive html - you can see in their subscriber profile