Cant send HTML emails, just text emails


I know some other had the same problem but i cant find a solution for me on their topic.

I use PHPList since years but now out of sudden im not able to send HTML emails anymore. At the moment I just can send text emails.

Im sure that some of my test list-subscribers are set to receive HTML and some of them to text emails. But i only receive the text ones. There are no error message.

I use PHPLIST Version 3.2.4 and normaly working with CSS. Now I tried to use a template but it worked neither.

I would greatly appreciate assistance! Thanks.


Did you upgrade? Did you change the config? Did you change anything else on the server?

There must be a cause of the sudden problem :smile:


I wish I had but I really did nothing.
Only after the problems occurred I did a upgrade.
Maybe the provider changed something?!

Yes maybe, perhaps the PHP version or something? How many mails do you send each month? Maybe better to use if you are having issues with self-hosting - it’s a complex business :wink:

Thanks to @JensHH who solves my problem: Strato blocking mails containing the powerd by phpList image

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