Can't export all lists members, only in a 3 years range in the past

Hi all,
my version of php 2.8.12.
I have to export list by list all the members, but the system lets me only choose on a 3 years range in the past.
I have found this solution on the forum
that suggests to add

in config.php

but it does not work on phplist 2.8.12
It keeps on deafult (3 years in the past and 10 years in the future)

Probably 2.8.12 has different settings.
Can someone of you help me?

I really do thank you in advance and sorry for my poor English


Simply change the 0 in this definition to the year you want phpList to export from.

Just like I suggested in the quoted topic. :wink:

Hi Dragon,
the problem is that I already added

in lists/config/config.php on my phplist 2.8.12

but it doesn’t work, nothing has changed.
I don’t understand why
thanks again for your patience


Hi Dragon and all,

I fixed the problem.
The Dragon solution does not work on phplist 2.8.12.
I found out how to fix it and I write it here for those with such a version of the software.
So if you have phplist 2.8.12 or similar and you have my same problem, you should go to lists/config/admin/date.php
and here in this
$html .= ‘’;
for ($i=$year - 3;$i<$year + 10;$i++) {
$html .= "<option ";
if ($i == $year)
$html .= “selected”;
$html .= “>$i”;

just change the variables in for ($i=$year - 3;$i<$year + 10;$i++)
according to the number of years you wish phplist to export the mailing lists.
Thanks again to all

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Version 2 was superseded long ago by version 3 and is no longer supported. I’m surprised you can still run it as my hosts actually prevent old insecure out of date installations, and not just phpList, but Joomla, WP etc as they are security risks these days.

Actually it will not longer be running in a few days, that’s why I needed to fix the problem and export the lists.
Thanks again.

Don’t get me wrong Marc, I’m glad that you have fixed the problem for yourself, and very grateful that you’ve also given us the solution for anyone else in your situation. That’s really one of the mainstays of a support forum, anyone can post solutions and it’s great when they do share. :smile:


So you are getting phpList 3? I hope you like it! :smiley:

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Thanks to you for the great job you do here and for always sharing.

For sure I will like it, no doubts about that!

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