Can't enable attachments

This must have been asked before but I am either unable to find it or I am dumb or both…
Want to send a campaign with an attachment
send the define Attachment in config/config_extended = 1
I see no attachment button or anything.
Maybe I am blind, but I have put mouse over every single icon on the Create Page and nothing says attachment.

You need to make the change in config/config.php, not extended file as that is not used normally, it is there only so you know pretty much every option you could use (by changing it’s name to config.php).

What version of phpList are you running?

Do you not have the Attach tab?!


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I was running 3.3.1. Just updated to 3.3.8 to see if that would solve the problem but I now get a blank page in the admin so am working on that atm. Am uploading again. My config.php had no attachment line, only the extended file.
I never did see an attach tab (or I’m blind). You seem to have added an image but I cant seem to see it as clicking on it gives me nothing.
Will update when I get 3.3.8 installed and working.

OK, have version 3.3.8 working but still do not see any Attach icon or anything else. Dont see a way to add a screenshot here?
Deleted the config.php file and renamed the extended file config.php
No difference
config.php: define(‘ALLOW_ATTACHMENTS’, 1);
Still see no way to add an attachment :frowning:

I’ve got the same problem :roll_eyes:

I’m using phpList 3.4.8 and I’ve changed the config.php -> define(‘ALLOW_ATTACHMENTS’,1) but it still not working, I can’t see the attachment tab.

Have you solved it? Have you any idea?