Cannot Uncheck/Unselect SELECT ALL in CAMPAIGN LISTS Tab

Want to send a test campaign but I seem to have to manually uncheck the SELECT ALL option every time as my choice of a TEST list only doesn’t seem to stick or stay persistent and SELECT ALL lists is always checked by default.

You should create a category for the list you want to send subscribers to. In that time, you’ll be able to set the list once. What you’re encountering currently is a default behavior phplist automates itself to select SELECT ALL . Let me know if you still find it no result.


Thanks for the suggestion.

Creating a TESTING category and assigning it to my Test List creates a TESTING Tab but doesn’t stop the SELECT ALL option from being autoselected under the SELECTED Tab.

This default behavior of sending test messages to ALL lists could be embarrassing by spamming all subscribers on ALL lists with test emails rather than just the selected test list(s).

@tcb The “Select all” checkbox is similar to that used in other applications. It selects all of the items currently displayed.

In your case on the Selected tab, as all lists have already been chosen from the other tabs then Select All is always going to be checked. It is more useful on the other tabs to select all lists from a category automatically.