Cannot send queue - Nothing to do message

I have been happy using PHP list for about 12 years with no problems - until recently. I can send TEST emails in a campaign with no problems. When I try to send the queue, I get a very quick flashed message…

Script 6
Finished, nothing to do.

No messages are sent. My ISP was no help. All is ok in the checklist. I downloaded the latest PHPlist version and installed manually but same result. I tried older versions of PHP and same problem.

I’m in a panic. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

@Art Try enabling VERBOSE in the config.php file. There should then be more information on the Event Log page.

Thanks for your help.

Initially the log message was: invalid login from, tried logging in as songside

Then, per the screenshot attached.

@Art It looks like there an no messages to process. What does the Active tab of the Messages page show?

The current email campaign is there. 0 processed

Please show a screenshot.

I moved my current newsletter to draft, created a test version with a test list until issues can be resolved. Thank again for your generous help!!

@Art The embargo time is in the future, so phplist will not send the campaign. Possibly the server is in a different time zone to you, so you need to take that into account.

You can install the Timezone plugin which should avoid this problem. On the Manage Plugins page follow the link to find plugins

I will try that and let you know.

Wow!! You’re the best. All is working now. Thanks so much!

My ISP must have changed server locations. I’ve been having no problems for years.