Candidate rules - Auto Activate

i Need Advice Please
may i ask how to auto generate candidate rules
and approve them
i have around 3000 new candidate rules
and i dont know how to auto activate them

@fisherofer That is way too many bounce rules. I would be surprised if they can be processed without timing-out but also, as you have seen, it is not possible to manage them.

It is probably best not to automatically generate bounce rules from bounces in this way. Instead analyse a few bounces and then add specific rules for those.

To reduce the number of rules you can use regular expressions to combine several patterns into one rule. Here are a few that I use that try to find “unknown user” bounces. Each line is a separate rule and is limited to 255 characters:

(no mailbox|no such (person|recipient|user|mailbox|account)|(address|user|recipient|addressee).+unknown|invalid (address|recipient|mailbox)|does not exist|(address|recipient) rejected|mailbox unavailable|unknown (user|recipient)|account disabled|denied) 
(user not known|non-existent|Account (discontinued|inactive)|User account is unavailable|not a valid user|Unrouteable address|No relay.+allowed|Too many recursive forwards|address is blacklisted|permanent failure|(account|mailbox).+suspended) 
may not exist|This user doesn't have a .+ account|not listed in public Name & Address Book|this message has been in the queue too long|Not our Customer|couldn't find any host named|not a valid mailbox 
couldn't be found|disabled or discontinued|The email account that you tried to reach is disabled|the following recipients failed|unknown or illegal alias|not listed in Domino Directory|not a known user 
inactive user|Mailbox is inactive|Bad destination mailbox|no such address|(Host or domain name|address was|User|recipient|mailbox) not found|User not recognized|unknown address or alias|Host unknown|Name server timeout|No mail box available 
unknown (mailbox|Email Address)|Recipient address.+not recognised|not a registered mail name|RESOLVER.ADR.RecipNotFound|Unkown address|E-mail address is not handled by this system|no longer accepts mail|Recipient Undeliverable

its hard to know what is must use and what not

for now i try to remove one of my servers from RBL
because the rules are not set as i wish them to be

for now i cant read 1 by 1 and approve few of them

phplist must to have a build in options for this -
must use and recommended rules