Can version be told from looking at code

I swear I upgraded all my list users to 3.3.0 when it came out. I ran through all the upgrade steps like they are supposed to, but when I open phplist it still says version 3.2.7. Is there a place in the code that shows what version the code is.
I tried to upgrade to 3.3.1. but I just get a blank page when I do. I don’t overwrite the files, I make a copy of the original list directory, then upload the new.

@wxman There were some problems with the upgrade process to release 3.3.0, so if you haven’t upgraded then that’s actually a bonus. You can find the version of the code in file admin/init.php and the version of the database in the config table.

That’s just it, I did upgrade to 3.3.0. At least I think I did. Do any of the files in the ‘list’ directory contain the version number?

@wxman I just told you.

Sorry. Having a rough day. I just checked the ones online and they do say 3.2.7.