Can I make a list of subscribers who opted-out?

I am running v3.0.13-hosted. I want to make and keep updated a list of subscribers who opted out in each of my monthly mailings. Is there a way to do that? I don’t see anything in the Manage Subscribers page.


I don’t think it is possible right now, though if you go to search subscribers and check to show only blacklisted ones, you could take a look at them each month. You could also set up to get mails about unsubscriptions in config > settings and then keep as list that way.

Out of interest, what is the list for?


Thank you for your help. We are using the list to correlate with another database to ensure that those who unsubscribed are not bothered by future communications.


Can you make a feature request? See and follow the bug report process.

also, if you or anyone in your company has any development skills you could help implement the feature perhaps.

Anna, thanks. I think I was able to find the answer. I clicked on Statistics, then Campaign Click Statistics. Then I found the URL for the Unsubscribe link and clicked that. I was offered a .csv file of all subscribers who had clicked that URL. Downloaded the file, and voila.

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Fantastic! I will have to remember that one:smile: )

There is also another way which lists all users who are blacklisted in your phplist installation. All you need is access to your database:

Go to your database and take a look at the following tables (or export and convert them into a readable format):
phplist_user_blacklist // here you can see the email and the date the address was added
phplist_user_blacklist_data // here you can see the email and the reason for the unsubscription

If you delete lines in these tables (address needs to be deleted in both tables), the address is removed from the blacklist. This is much faster than doing this in the frontend for multiple addresses, but I am not sure if and how this step is documented in the frontend.
I only recommend this if you accidentally added tons of addresses manually to the blacklist (like I did it :wink: ).

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EDIT: Not sure if and how you can access the database in the hosted service. This refers to the self hosted way to run PHPList.

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