Can I have more than one "content" in a template?

Dear friends, I could not find anything on this in my searches so I will try this way: We are a small non profit that uses PHP-List to write emails in three languages DE/EN and Arabic. In the same email thought.
Arabic is a RTL language and EN of course LTR. Everytime we edit a new mail, we sit for ages to get the formating right (so that the arabic reads correctly an the english too) Is there a way I can make a template with two or three “content” areas? i.e. I could optimize the formating in HTML and define Content1 is for arabic, Content2 for English and Content3 for German?

I need to make it simple so that people with no HTML experience can write a LTR + RTL content Email…
Thanks for any tips or links or recommendations you can make.

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@HikmatBJ With the Content Areas plugin you can have several content areas, but I don’t know about how well RTL would be handled.

You can see the plugin documentation at

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