Campaings plugin logs me out of PHPList

I have been using PHPL/ist on and off for years.
Lately I’ve moved it back from another provider to my old one,
pretty sure that have all configs correct, latest versions of PHPList and plugins.
Common plugin installed, Campaigns plugin installed, there is a menu option “manage campaigns” takes me to the right page, Draft options displayed as default. When I click on “Sent” I’m sent to login page :
Couldn’t find what causes the error - Any suggestions, please?

Have you actually installed the plugins again, or just copies those from your old provider? You should upgrade all of the plugins first.

I’ve installed common and Campaigns from GitHub, the latest versions.
I’m so puzzled because in the past I’ve had PHP installations on two
providers with “Campaigns” and both worked.

Also, PHPList is so much slower than before, so I guess t would make
sense to delete everything and re-install.

duncanc wrote:

@alexeiz If you hover your mouse over the Sent, Active and Draft tabs the links should be similar to this

I’m guessing that the link for the Sent tab might not have the tk parameter present.

Regarding the slow response of phplist, that is probably due to a bug in release 3.2.5, see here for a temporary fix Is 3.2.5 much slower than 2.10.18?

Finally got back to the issue Ihave

Here is part of the link “Sent” :

So, there is tk, correct or not I have no idea

Button “Active” has the same tk

Draft is open by default and has a different tk:

I haven’t yet tried to speed PHPList - it suddenly started working faster.

Thanks for your help

duncanc wrote:

@alexeiz The tk parameter is a random token value assigned by phplist. The value in the URL in the browser address bar should be the same as those in the URLs for the three tabs, Sent, Active and Draft. You are being logged-out because the tk parameter for the Sent tab is not the expected value.

Looking at the plugin code I can’t see how the Sent and Active tabs can have tk values different to the Draft tab, which is presumably the same as that in the browser address bar.

Thanks! I think I’ve understood what you mean. If the code in the
plugin cannot do it, may be there is something in the PHPList itself. As
I’ve said, I’ll install completely fresh code and see.

duncanc wrote:

Hello! I’ve finally reloaded a completely new PHPList 3.5.2, and
plugins, now tk is the same in all three:




But the error with a return to login page is still there.

I will now try to figure out if I managed to put a wrong info somewhere,
let you know.

(PHPList is pack to slow speed, I have to implement the suggested fix)

Alexei Zoubov wrote:

Checked all I could think about, there were small things I’ve changed,
although they shouldn’t
affect anything

Still the same, in addition after been thrown back to login page, I get
an error in red:

You have been logged out, because the session token of your request was

Now, when I go to the “List of campaigns”, which is PHPList native, I
can switch between Sent/Active/Draft with no problem (except for speed).
Seems that the problem pops out when I access “Manage campaigns” -

Alexei Zoubov wrote:

@alexeiz I don’t understand why this is happening.

I can take a look at your installation if you are happy to give me access to phplist and also the web server - ftp would be sufficient for that. Send me a private message with the access details if you want to do that.

Hello, here I am 2 months later. Sorry, had some family problems.
If you are still willing to help me (the problem is still there), I can send you the access. Just tell me where to send. Probably better after New Year for you, right?

@alexeiz You can send me a private message, click my image or name to do that.