Campaigns are not being sent

New to phpList. Using version phpList ltd. - v3.0.13-hosted
41,000 emails
Followed directions on creating a text message using a simple template.
Sent to "all lists"
Embargo time set for 0:00
Sent a test message/email successfully
Campaign statistics only show the 1 test email going out after 12 hours

Why isn’t the email going out? Is it the size of the list or ?
Thank you

Hi, did you read the chapters on sending?

Sending in phpList is quite advanced, it is sensible to get someone to set this up for you or to use

How do I go about hiring someone to do this? I’m worried our patient list could be compromised. Yes, I read the section on sending.

I think that you need to raise problems with phplist hosted directly

Ah, indeed sorry I missed that. As a .com customer you get free email support. Please use this form

Hi there

I cant send any campaigns will anyone be able to help me?

You made a new thread now, will answer there